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I navigate the vast world of pixels, armed with the power of WordPress and the magic wand of Elementor. My mission? To propel local non-profits, solopreneurs, and small businesses onto the online stage with websites that are modern, user-friendly, and responsive.

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one in four small businesses lacks an online presence

Simplifying Your Website Build, 
Zero Hassles!

In the digital era, a website is a vital tool for small businesses. Astonishingly, one in four small businesses lacks an online presence, missing out on a significant opportunity. A website not only establishes credibility, with 84% of consumers considering it more trustworthy than just a social media page, but also meets the modern customer’s expectations.

Moreover, a website operates as a 24/7 open door to your business, providing accessibility at any time. This constant availability enhances customer engagement and potentially leads to increased sales and brand loyalty. Embracing the digital storefront not only meets customer expectations, but also propels your small business into the competitive landscape of the online marketplace.


WordPress + Elementor

Quickly establish your online presence with a polished, fully branded website! Streamlined and straightforward, my websites utilize distinct homepage sections to convey your message effortlessly. Easy peasy!

Our pricing is set up to handle most websites, and don’t worry, we throw in the blog, form, and confirmation pages without adding to your page count. However, if your project is on the bigger side or needs some super fancy features, the price might shift a bit. We’ll chat about it!



Additional Pages

Should a single page feel too restrictive for your project, no worries at all. You can effortlessly add extra pages, each priced at $150, complete with its own unique design and layout.


*Get 2 months free if you decide to pay annually

Website Hosting

Not a tech whiz? No problem! Say goodbye to update headaches! I offer hassle-free monthly hosting, becoming your go-to for all things website-related. This covers weekly WordPress and plugin updates, SSL, security checks, speed optimization boosts, advance caching, CDN, and daily backups

Why WordPress + Elementor

Simple website editing while unlocking endless possibilities in design

WordPress adds significant value to websites by effortlessly connecting with various prebuilt tools commonly used by small businesses. Elementor, the added plugin, makes website management easy for DIY enthusiasts, regardless of their development knowledge.


~43% of all websites are built on WordPress

8.8 Million

8.8 million websites use Elementor worldwide


60k free plugins with unlimited integration opportunities

eCommerce and Online Storefronts Now Available

Ready to start selling online? I can help you set up your online store, integrate essential tools, and provide step-by-step guidance throughout the entire process. Lets jump on a 15-minute call to figure out the best way to get you started.

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A Simple Path to Bring Your Business Online

Let’s tackle your web design journey together. With me, you’ll have a one-stop solution for all your website questions, making the path forward in clear and simple.

Project Launchpad

We kickstart your website journey with a collaborative meeting. Together, we'll solidify goals, budgets, and timelines, laying the foundation for a streamlined and successful website build.

UX Planning & Stylescapes

Here, we shape your website's blueprint through the creation of a Sitemap and Wireframes. Following that, we will review three distinct style directions, each exploring different aesthetic possibilities for your website.

Design & Content Creation

I'll design each page of the website in alignment with the chosen style direction. Together, we'll start assembling the content for the website – the more input you provide, the better. However, I can also assist in filling any gaps using AI technology.

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Time to dive into the digital realm of WordPress and Elementor. I take everything we've crafted – sitemap, wireframes, designs, and content – and bring it to life. The website becomes interactive, though it won't be open to the public just yet as we conduct one final review.

Go Live

We'll secure your domain and hosting, set the official website launch date, and set up analytic tracking. On launch day, I'll provide you with a personalized how-to walkthrough video, serving as a reference for editing your website. Additionally, I'll always remain available for future updates at an hourly rate.

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Common Questions

Though I try to make the process as straight forward as possible, I know you probably still have questions. I placed some of the most common question I get here but if you have more let’s setup a call.

A standard website typically takes 3-5 weeks to complete. This timeframe varies because every business has unique needs for their site. I’ll adjust the project pace to match your schedule. Whether you need a day or a month to review, we’ll set a timeline that works for you during our initial meeting.

No, hosting is required to launch a website, but you can choose any hosting provider you like. There are cheaper options available. I offer hosting because many business owners prefer not to deal with it and like having a single point of contact—me—for everything related to their website. This way, they can focus on their business instead of dealing with software updates, backups, SSL, and other technical details.

I require 50% payment at the start and 50% after launch. No hidden fees from my end. Keep in mind, third-party software you choose to integrate, like Mailchimp for newsletters, may have their own charges.

If you decide to host with me, I’ll bill you monthly or annually starting from the launch date, based on your preference.

The core content will come from you. This can happen in two ways: either you provide the text directly, or we have a simple interview where I use my notes and AI to create the text for you. The key is that, in both cases, your story will be the one told on the website.

I will work with you until you are happy with the design, offering unlimited revisions. Keep in mind that additional revisions may affect the project timeline, but I’ll keep working with you until your website perfectly represents your business.

Of course! You own your website completely and will have 100% access to every part of it. At launch, I’ll provide you with a personalized how-to video, serving as a reference for editing your site. Plus, with the popularity of WordPress and Elementor, there are plenty of online resources available.

That said, I won’t disappear once the project ends. If you’re not into DIY website maintenance, I’ll still be here to support you post-launch. I can answer any questions you have, and we can discuss on-going support costs based on your needs.

If your website is built on WordPress, then yes, I can help! We’ll need to connect via a Zoom call to determine costs. The age of your site and the plugins used can greatly affect the complexity of the update.

If you’re unsure about your website’s platform or how to access it, let’s jump on a call, and I can help figure that out for you.

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Quickstart Introductory Call to Discuss Your Needs

I recognize that talking things through can be the best way to find solutions. If you have any questions, find something unclear, or need insights from a web expert, I am readily available.

Website You’ll , guaranteed
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