It only takes 17/50 milliseconds for a visitor to decide if they find your site appealing. This is why it is important to create a site that not only has a unique look, but a timeless design. I stay on top of latest trends in the web world and design every site to look alluring on any screen.


HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript are the main tools in my belt. With these I make simple text documents into fully functional, SEO friendly websites. Every site is tested on multiple browsers, multiple devices, and on different internet conenctions to make sure that every visitor that comes to your site has a favorable experience.

Content Mangement Systems

We are beyond the year of Back to the Future, you no longer need to hire and pay a programmer to make simple image or text updates to your site. Every site I build is within a Content Mangement System like Wordpress, BigCommerce, or Shopify and the final product will be dynamic website allowing you to keep your site alive, of course I'm always here if needed.

Social Media Setup

If you didn't know, the internet is pretty big and people expect to find you and your company in more than just one location. Many people first try to find you on social media before they start looking for your site. It's important that you and your company can be easily found and more importantly that they are setup correctly, linking back to your website.


I create websites for small businesses, non-profit organizations, and even individuals. I am completely devoted to the artform of website layout and enjoy the puzzle of bringing it to life through code. I graduated college with a degree in computer science focusing on web development and have been working in the Web Design and Development industry for the last three years.

I am a Web Developer, a Passionate Gamer, a Designer of Graphics, a Mentor to Youth, and a Lover of God.

If I'm not in front of my computer creating websites then you might still find me at my desk traveling the universe, saving the world, or double tapping zombies in video games. If my office is empty and my chair still then you will want to check down the street at my church. I work directly with the youth ministry helping teens get a grasp of the world and help them transition from the high school drama filled lifestyle into the grown adult drama filled lifestyle because, lets face it, life always has drama we just learn how to handle and look at it better.